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Winter brochure 2017-2018

Now the new winter guide with winter activities in Umeå and surroundings is available on the website of the Tourist Service.

Winter guide 2017 2018

Winter guide 2017 2018


Good eats in Umeå

Looking for a place to eat in Umeå without breaking the bank?

Here are some insider tips:

  • Most restaurants offer a good lunch or lunch buffet for about 95 kr. Drinks and coffee included. Check out the restaurants own website or Facebook page to find out what is on the menu, check the signs outside their doors or check the local newspaper where some restaurants post ads or the website:
  • Every Sunday, apart from the last Sunday of each month, you can eat a vegan meal for 25 SEK at Folkkök at Hamnmagasinet close by from the cultural centre and library at Väven. More info:
  • Ikea is a new addition in town. They also have a restaurant where they serve warm meals, some starting from 29 SEK. Check their website to find out more. And remember if you go there on a weekday you also get a free cup of coffee if you are a member of Ikea Family. More info on the Ikea website.
  • Something typical for Umeå is “rullpizza”. You buy it at one of the food stalls at the square in the city centre, called Umeå Grillen. Price is 50-60 SEK depending on what kind of pizza you take. But what is it: you order a normal pizza, and then when it is ready they toss some lettuce, sliced tomato, some onions and peppers on top. The finishing touch is salad dressings, spicy sauce and spicy oil. Then it is rolled up, and you eat it as a wrap. Delicious and easy to eat.

Hope you find something you like!


Folkkök Umeå

Folkkök Umeå

Want to experience a different eating experience? Do you want something else than mainstream restaurants?

Why not visit Folkkök during your next visit to Umeå. Every Sunday they serve a vegan meal for 25 SEK. You can also choose to have  dessert and coffee there for a few more krona. They are open from 2PM to 4.30 PM. It’s location is superb, offering a view over the Ume river. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid-back and the visitors are a nice mix between exchange students, Swedish students and people looking for a different experience.

You can check what’s on the menu on their website, where you will also find some vegan recipes of what they offered before.