A guest shares their travel stories

Enjoy reading some of our guests’ experiences while travelling Scandinavia

Travels With Pete & Ruth

Darcia and Stefan were our hosts at the B&B.  BreakfastPlanningHe is  from Umeå, she

from Belgium where they lived and worked for 9 years before deciding to move back to a quieter life in Umeå.

Prior to our arrival in Umeå we  discovered that we would be very close to the area from which  Jamie’s ancestors  immigrated to Wyoming.  That area of Sweden is known as the High Coast or in Swedish, Höga Kusten.

We decided to spend a second night with them and make a circular drive of the area that would bring us back along the  Höga Kusten.  We drove inland, SinglelanerRoad from Umeå

up river valleys and over wooded mountains.

When deforestation is talked about in the news, it certainly can’t include Sweden or Finland.  There are so many trees and they grow so fast, we think it would be impossible to deforest these areas.  We saw truck after truck


with huge…

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